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Sviluppiamo piattaforme digitali avanzate per il tuo business

What we do

In the last 9 years, our team has gained the skills to offer consultancy activities in many parts of ICT field

Websites and CMS

The most vertical and complete CMS competences are on Drupal, WordPress and Magento. Our field of intervention ranges from configuration and customization up to the design of additional modules/plugins to manage specific functionality

Web sites suited on your business
We develope advanced cloud platforms and support your digital projects

Cloud integrated platforms

Our favorite technologies stack include, among others, a series of software components with very high technological efficiency (to name a few adopters: LinkedIn and Zalando).
In relation to specific project needs we are able to integrate a large number of libraries and components including, but not limited to, payment systems (paypal and stripe), management of alerts and notifications (mail, push and sms notifications), document creation and management.

Mobile App

We prototype and develope crossplatform mobile applications (iOS and Android). The development technology that we prefer for the creation of cross platform apps is definitely Flutter, which from our point of view is the best compromise between performance efficiency and development time.

Cloud Computing
Load Balancing
High Reliability

Network/system management

Once realized, the system must necessarily be hosted on a server in order to be usable. in relation to the type of service, its criticality in terms of SLA and the amount of requests that this finds / will find to serve the structure of the server system that hosts it becomes a detail that is anything but negligible.

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