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The key feature of MOBIDIK is the biometric protection of strictly personal data in a fully open and networked environment. You and only you will have access to a small personal network storage, anytime, anywhere. MOBIDIK overthrows the traditional idea of network sharing and aims to create private spaces on the net, spaces reachable only by their rightful owners and in conditions of absolute security.
But how can a private space be created on the network? MOBIDIK focuses on biometric techniques for remote access (logical access) and proposes a two-tier architecture:

Level 1 (normal):
access is intermediated by an authentication server that refers to the mobile device of the applicant: opening a network session requires the user to authenticate through the fingerprint sensor on its mobile and, depending on the settings, through additional facial recognition

Level 2 (interactive):
always under the intermediation an authentication server that refers to the mobile device of the applicant, a video call between the user and a remote operator is established, with the specific aim of proceeding to direct (face to face) authentication. This level of biometric authentication takes place on request or whenever repeated rejection of the first level of control is recorded.


MOBIDIK offers the users three significant advantages, all for free

complete independence from passwords, devices, cards or any other item traditionally used for authentication (something you know, something you have)

a totally private space available on the network (only registered users can access)

the opportunity to use the same technology for a variety of network applications that integrate or will integrate the OAuth 2.0 services of the MOBIDIK platform (in analogy with OAuth 2.0 authentication provided today by Google and Facebook but with the use of biometrics)

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