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The company was originally founded with the intent to develop a multimodal biometric access control system, to be used in a network environment and potentially associated with strong identity documents such as the next generation of electronic passports.

As with many other spin-off, this original idea was gradually transformed during construction, to become a real platform for the recognition of images which has been named SHOTPIX.

Starting from 2013 SHOTPIX became the company’s core technology, the fundamental block underpinning the development of new web and mobile applications in the most diverse fields.

Also for this purpose, the original staff has gradually transformed. In addition to the four founding members, today the staff includes young professionals in the management of social media, software development, computer architectures.

This diversification is certainly an added value for our company, because it allows us to expand the outreach to different ICT domains, having a comprehensive and professional perspective of the issues that are on the field.

Our Team

Enrico Grosso Sane Biometrics

Enrico Grosso
R&D Director

Enrico Grosso is currently Full Professor in computer science at the Political Sciences, Communication Sciences and Information Engineering department. The research activity carried on during the last decade had interesting fallouts in the field of biometrics and in the realization of intelligent systems.

In 2010 he co-founded SANE Biometrics.

Massimo Gessa
Project Manager

Massimo Gessa is a software engineer who developed the core technology of all our products. He has been working for a long time in the computer vision field, implementing imaging applications for quality control and micrometric measurements of small parts in massive productions.

At present Massimo Gessa is co-founder and Project Senior Analyst at SANE Biometrics.

Matteo Sanna
IT Specialist

Business oriented software engineer with strong passion for front-end solutions and problem-solving. Matteo Sanna has specialized in the field of telecommunications and web technologies, developing projects co-founded by the European Union. He is the main responsible for all the technological aspects related to the choice of devices and subsystems.

Filippo Casu
CEO & Deveveloper

During his Ph.D. Scholarship period the principal research interests lie in the field of Forward Error Protection (FEC) for packetized channels. During the last three years he focused his research activities on Computer Vision, in particular I worked on biometric authentication techniques in the Computer Vision Lab of Porto Conte Ricerche.

Daniele Fois
Full-Stack developer

Daniele is a passion-driven, self-taught developer, hungry for new technologies, since 2014. Currently his areas of expertise are: design and development of web applications from scratch especially CRMs, data modeling, development of mobile applications with Flutter.

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