image recognition for mobiles

We develop image processing solutions designed to your needs. With our network-oriented and modular architecture, your system is ready for networked management and maintenance.

Some of the most recent projects:

  • ChocoEYE: is an on-line quality control system, developed for the confectionery industry and based on three-dimensional shape analysis. The system checks the amount of product currently melt into molds, triggering an alarm in case of measures in excess or defect with respect to a predefined threshold. The fully automatic control operation is carried out using a structured light projector and analyzing images acquired from a single high resolution camera.
  • EmotionPix: is an experimental system of automatic analysis of the human emotional state, developed during a training session organized by a major pharmaceutical group. The system intercepts and categorize facial expressions in real-time, allowing the activation of specific training paths in relation to the emotional states detected.